Lock Collectors Hall of Fame


Lock Collectors Hall of Fame

See those who have been recognized by their peers as significant contributors to the lock collecting hobby, and to the preservation of lock history.

Note: we use the best photographs available to us. If you have a better photo for any of the Hall of Fame inductees, please let us know! We also welcome additional information on the inductees so we can best represent what they did for the lock collecting hobby.

The Padlock CollectorFranklin M. ArnallFranklin M. Arnall

July 17, 2010

Frank began collecting in earnest when his children were young. He found opportunities for lock hunting while his wife Mary was shopping for antiques. His two sons remain active lock collectors and still have his world class collection in excess of 7500 locks.

Frank was on the board of directors for the Lock Museum of America and was one of the founders of The West Coast Lock Collectors club in 1978.

He was a pioneer in the hobby of collecting railroad locks, which has become a very popular field for collectors. He is remembered most by lock collectors for his major contribution of photographing and valuing antique padlocks in his book, The Padlock Collector from the first edition in 1962 until the sixth edition in 1996.

Deceased June 20, 2001, age 83

Robert 'Bob' DixRobert 'Bob' Dix

July 17, 2010

Bob is a lifelong collector, historian, and one of the pioneers of the lock collecting hobby. He has the world’s largest known lock collection (in excess of 25,000 locks).

Many of the rare padlocks collected and traded between collectors today were discovered and put into circulation by Bob. He is a Trustee of Lock Museum of America, the author and publisher of ALCA (American Lock Collector's Association) newsletter since 2000.

Has not only been a keeper of valuable lock history, but has mastered the art and science of antique lock restoration, so future generations of historians and collectors can see history that would have otherwise been lost forever.

Bob and his wife Cindy have three grown children. Bob graduated from Baldwin Wallace College in 1968 with a B.S. in engineering. He was an engineer at Lubrizol Corp. in Wickliffe OH. (Retired 2006).



John GiustiJohn Giusti

July 17, 2010

A locksmith by trade, John Giusti, was a lifelong resident of New York City. In WWII he was in Patton's Army 3rd Corps. John got all around his city on the subway, never having a driver's license. From his family lock shop, he did work for some well known agencies including the FBI, CIA, and ATF. He was also a locksmith for David Copperfield. John was regarded by his peers and customers as one of the 'best of the best' locksmiths. .

John was one of the pioneers of the lock collecting hobby. He mentored many lock collectors, and is spoken of highly by many of the longtime lock collectors.

Deceased March 2007






Richard 'Dick' HubbardRichard 'Dick' Hubbard

July 17, 2010

Dick Hubbard was a lifelong resident of New Jersey, and a police lieutenant with the Hackensack PD. He collected a little of everything but specialized in locks, doorknobs, and paperwork. He drove John Giusti (above) to shows, and picks. Wherever Dick went, John was there. Dick had a great eye for collectible locks, and had great knowledge of which collectors had which locks. Therefore Dick became the go-to guy to help other lock collectors find what they were looking for.

Deceased November 17, 2007





Russell K. 'Russ' SoderquistRussell K. 'Russ' Soderquist

July 17, 2010

Russell K. Soderquist, was originally from Iowa. He was badly wounded in WWII, and was returned to the USA for rehabilitation until 1947. He then went to the University of Iowa for engineering. Russ was a corporate engineer, was always on the lookout for locks to add to his collection. He and wife Kay moved to Colorado and went into his own business.

He was involved in civic organizations. Russ helped to start, and personally financed the Grand Junction Community College. Russ maintained the Pancake Lock 6 lever List for over 40 years. He wrote numerous articles about locks, their history, their use and their back


Deceased April 2015



Donald E. 'Don' StewartDonald E. 'Don' Stewart

July 17, 2010

Don spent his early years in the dust bowl areas of Nebraska and North and South Dakota. Always a collector, he collected arrowheads and other artifacts to be found on the plains. Don was involved with locks all of his life. Don joined the navy before his 17th birthday in 1943 and served in the Pacific until the end of the war. He received two purple hearts before his 19th birthday along with several citations and ribbons. In all, he was awarded four Purple Hearts from WWII. He studied architecture in college in northern Idaho, then began to build custom homes in Idaho in 1949. In 1965 Don left Idaho to work for ABC theaters in Arizona.

Based on research of the keys he collected, he began his first publication of the Standard Guide to Key Collecting in 1975. This was followed by the Key Collectors Journal starting in October 1978 and continuing through June 1994. In 1988 he began publication of the "Padlock Quarterly" which continued until Fall of 1994.

In addition to periodicals, Don published approximately 20 books about locks and keys. He also offered a large selection of early lock company catalog reprints. Don published a tremendous amount of material to assist collectors in learning about the lock and key hobby. All of Don’s books are with Richard Chenovick. The rest of his research is with Bosco Milligan Foundation in Portland, OR.

Deceased May 3, 1999

Paul Vaverchak

Paul Vaverchak

July 17, 2010

Paul was a self-taught locksmith and was often able to make keys for locks where others failed.

He was an award winning marksman with the National Guard in the 1950's. He then began a career as an oil burner technician in Pennsylvania, in 1960 he moved to Orange NJ and went to work for A&A Fuel Oil company. The owner was so impressed with him, that in just a few years, he made him a partner in the business. In 1970 (at the age of 35), he sold his share in the business, “retired” and moved back to Pennsylvania. He then devoted his time to his collecting, which also became his source of income. He often bought entire house contents as part of his “treasure hunting”. He also enjoyed digging around the foundations of old house ruins for bottles and other collectibles.

Deceased May 24, 2014


Tomas F. Hennessy SrThomas F. Hennessy, Sr.

July 16, 2011

As a lifelong resident of New England, Tom served in WWll. He is a self-taught engineer, and attended military schools.

Tom worked at major lock companies in Connecticut. Later in his professional life, Tom worked for Corbin Lock Co. He designed the locking systems in the World Trade Centers. Tom was the primary founder of the Lock Museum of America. His son Tom, Jr. manages the museum today. Tom is the author of several books and contributed to lock related newsletters.

Deceased June 25, 2015




MillerHarry C. Miller

July 14, 2012

An inventor, teacher, mentor and friend to those he met. Mr. Miller had a love for the industry that he learned from his father, John C. Miller and passed on to his son J. Clayton Miller.

One of his first inventions, a manipulation proof combination lock. He became associated with Sargent & Greenleaf to produce this lock and eventually gained control of the company, because of the success of the lock. Recognizing a need for education, he began training customers through the Sargent & Greenleaf Lock Service School. The school became its own company Lockmasters, Inc.

His passion continues to be on display for students and visitors to see at the Museum of Physical Security.



ChandlerCharles W. Chandler

July 20, 2013

Charles 'Charley' Chandler is a resident of Michigan. He served in the Navy. Following his service he went to law school. Throughout his career he and practiced patent & trademark law.
Charley started collecting handcuffs and locks in 1963. He started the ALCA newsletter in 1970, was the editor for 30 years. He has written numerous articles about handcuff's and locks.
He is very active in lock shows. Charley always has time to answer questions or to point people to the right person for their inquiries.







FriedmanDonald Friedman

July 20, 2013

Donald Friedman, a Certified Public Accountant, is a lifelong resident from Chicago. He started the Texas Lock Show. Don is a tireless contributor to the lock collecting hobby. 1994 he held one of the first major lock auctions, setting the standard for all lock auctions to meet.
Don is always eager to answer questions from other lock collectors. He was one of the early lock collectors, and continues to be a cornerstone to the hobby.








A. J. Hoffman

July 20, 2013

A world-renowned expert on antique locks and the history of interchangeable core locks, AJ's 30 year career as a lock smith was rooted in his childhood hobby of collecting locks and keys. At the time of his passing in 2004, he had been working as the Training Communications Manager for Schlage (Ingersoll-Rand).

He served as a member of the ALOA Board of Directors, Co-Chairman of the Lock Industry Standards & Training Council, and Curator of the ALOA Museum in Dallas. He was the 1992 recipient of the coveted Philadelphia Award, and a 1988 inductee into the Locksmith Ledger Security Hall of Fame.

He instructed many classes on master keying, interchangeable cores and other cylinder related topics for ALOA and regional locksmith associations. AJ was always an immediate resource whom many depended upon.




SchaeferPeter L. Schaefer

July 20, 2013

Peter L. Schaefer has lived in Indianapolis, IN his entire life. He met Marilyn at Indiana University and they married in 1955.

Pete always worked in the family business; Edward W. Schaefer and Sons a cemetery memorial business. Pete retired in 2005 after 56 years.

Pete and Marilyn have 2 grown sons who were both were Eagle Scouts. The boys are the love of their lives.

Pete became interested in padlocks in the 60's. He has managed the Crossroads of America (Indy) Lock show in Indianapolis for over 30 years.

Padlocks are not Pete's only interest. Both he and his wife collect items memorabilia from the 1934 Chicago World's Fair. They are interested in auto racing and die cast cars/trucks. They are founding members of the "Hoosiers Mini-Mizers" one of the oldest miniature clubs in Indianapolis. Both Pete and his wife are on the Board of Directors.



RanklDavid Rankl

July 19, 2014

David L. Rankl was born in the Massillon , Ohio area. He comes from a transportation family business. David ran the trucking business with a fleet of 100 trucks and hundreds of trailers. In addition to the trucking business, David has also always done accounting. David's wife Linda is a nurse. They have three boys and their grandchildren are the loves of their lives.

David and Linda actively support their church in many ways. They are involved in church ministry with young people in trouble with the courts. They make a difference in so many people's lives and ask for nothing in return.

David has collected both locks and keys all of his life. David was one of the pioneers of today's hobby of lock collecting.

David and Linda started the Tuslaw and Cleveland Lock Shows. He is the treasurer of ALCA (American Lock Collector Association), and is responsible for quarterly distribution of The Journal of Lock Collecting.



Charles Cameron

July 18, 2015

Charles Cameron is an ALOA Security Professionals Association Certified Master Locksmith (CML) and a North Carolina licensed locksmith.
He has 40 plus years of experience as a locksmith with much of that time working as a university locksmith.
He has taught classes for the Associated Locksmiths of America and local locksmith associations.
After a few years working as a locksmith he discovered the variety of antique padlocks and their various locking mechanisms.
He then developed and learned techniques for keying and repairing the older locks and mechanisms.
As a collector of padlocks he particularly likes locks made by the former Miller Lock Company of Philadelphia the Yale Lock Company’s Standard Lever padlocks.





GallianOliver (Tom) Gallian

July 18, 2015

Oliver Ward Gallian was born in Ironton, Ohio in 1935. After graduating from high school in 1954 he went to a 6 week training school for mobile chest x-Ray units. In 1955 he joined the Air force serving in the Medic corp. In 1957 he married Grace Ruckel; and they had three children, Vickie, Janie, and Steven. In 1981 he took a correspondence course from ‘Foley-Belsaw’ and a class in safe opening. In 1996 he went to work for A & G Lock and Safe in Dunn, N.C. working at Fort Bragg, Pope Air Force Base, and Seymour Air Force Base. From 2002 to 2006 he worked for “Custon Vault Corporation” doing safe deposit work. His hobbies include Collecting anything related to lock collecting, he enjoys lapidary: casting, silver and goldsmithing, and doing scrimshaw.



KolozvaryJon Kolozvary

July 16, 2016

Jon Kolozvary from...












KlemmScott Klemm

July 15, 2017

Scott Klemm from...












Yale SrLinus Yale Sr.

July 15, 2017

Linus Yale Sr. from...












Yale JrLinus Yale Jr.

July 15, 2017

Linus Yale Jr. from...